Welcome to our FAQ or "Frequently Asked Questions" page. After 14 years on the phone, we have a very good idea of what you like to know! Here’s our TOP TEN, with pictures.

#1. Where on the beach would we be married? (or renew our vows…) Most often, we marry you on the beach where you are staying. Our information packet gives you lots of information about where to stay so you can be married right there – on the beach. We also meet people at other locations, both north and south. We work all this out with you when you call. Want your feet in the sand? We’ll make it happen!


#2. How many guests can we have? As many as you want. We see everything from two people to a hundred!


#3. What if it is just the two of us? Couples often choose to come by themselves and have their ceremony on the beach. We go out of our way to make your wedding special and as stress-free as possible. We’ll even take pictures with your camera in addition to ours. The only witness you need is us.


#4. What do people wear? Short answer – whatever they want to wear! As you can see from our pictures, you can decide what is best for you.


#5. Do we have to get married on the beach? No. We can marry you at your hotel, on a deck, most anywhere you like.


#6. Can we take pictures too? Yes, by all means. Pictures are the most important part of your ceremony when you get back home. You can also tape it. You get a photo pack with your wedding, which includes the negatives.


#7. Can we include our children? By all means, YES! Call us for ideas.


#8. Can we put some decorations or chairs, etc. on the beach? Yes you can if you are not impeding public access or use of the beach, and remove them shortly after your ceremony. Call for ideas.


#9. Can we say our own vows? Yes. You can add to ours or write your own. You can personalize your ceremony in any way you would like, including "he can’t see me in my dress" options!


#10. What is a sand ceremony? It takes the place of a unity candle. You each pour sand into a container, indicating the joining of your lives. You can also include children in a sand ceremony. Ask us for details. We love sand ceremonies!


Call us toll free at 888-228-1960. We’re ready to help you with remaining questions and to get your wedding or vow renewal ceremony BOOKED!