NO COST EXTRAS!          

Do you want to:

1) Say your own vows? We happily incorporate what you want
to say to each other into the ceremony. (If it involves what
we say, we appreciate receiving the words in advance.)

2) Play the Wedding March music as the bride arrives?
We have it on tape at your request. (We do not provide
any other music.)

3) Use a civil ceremony instead of one with religious references?
Just let us know. Our civil ceremony is beautifully written.

4) Include your children in the ceremony? Sometimes children
are given rings or necklaces or other items to let them know
they are a partner in this commitment. Just tell us what you
want to do and we’ll make it happen.

5) Add sand ceremonies or other symbolic
gestures to your ceremony? We will gladly incorporate these
into your special time with each other, your friends and family,
and us.

6) Come by yourselves to get married? We are delighted to
perform the “couples only” ceremonies and we go the extra
mile to make you feel comfortable. We will also take some
pictures with your camera! We are the only witness you

Don’t be alarmed at the “extras!” Our basic but beautiful ceremony with
autifully written vows and a personal touch will serve you well.
At Beach Weddings, we are thorough, flexible, and joyful officiants.
We treat your ceremony and your wishes with great respect.

To Reserve your Special Day call toll free:  1-888-228-1960

A $100.00 deposit is required at the time of the booking and is non refundable if the appointment is cancelled for any reason, however, we will reschedule or postpone up to six months without penalty. We take MasterCard and Visa Call TOLL FREE   1-888-228-1960.

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